SEcurity system

Video analytics at the edge

Businesses today demand far more detail from their video surveillance footage than ever before. Higher resolutions, higher frame rates, better light sensitivity and excellent dynamic ranges all matter when it comes to capturing images that can distinguish individuals or objects for irrefutable evidence.

Increasing number of cameras and data

The growing demand for more detail and the increasing number of networked cameras has consequences. Not only does the amount of data sky rocket; all that data has to be searched through when looking for evidence or monitored live. When you consider that less than 1% of data is ever used – and 90% of screen activity is missed after just 20 minutes –focusing on what’s relevant is more important than ever.

Video analytics as a standard

At SUS, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality relevant images for your security application. That’s why all our system will feature on-board video analytics as standard.

Video analytics acts as the ‘brains’ of your security system, using metadata to add sense and structure to your video footage. This in turn enables your network video cameras to understand what they’re seeing and alert you to any potential threats the moment they happen. Each camera in effect becomes smart. Allowing you to retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly, analyse the scene by providing all kinds of statistics (metadata) and take appropriate action faster, easier and more efficiently.

Tailor your solution to your exact needs, SUS smart cameras feature two different types of video analytics as standard:


Essential Video Analytics

Perfect for small and medium businesses, large stores,
and commercial buildings.

► Advanced intrusion detection
► Enforcing health and safety regulations
► Loitering
► Left object
► Analysing behavior in retail environments

Intelligent Video Analytics

Can do everything that Essential Video Analytics does. It is specifically designed for the most demanding environments. It delivers the highest levels of accuracy for mission critical applications such as:

► Perimeter protection of airports, critical infrastructures and government buildings
► Ship tracking in harbors or coastal environments
► Traffic monitoring in challenging environments
► Excellent tracking of objects in extreme weather

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