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Covid 19 Dormitories WiFi infrastructure project in conjuntion with imda & MOM

Covid-19 broke out in mid of the project, to ensure the all workers have Wi-Fi access to contact their families and keep them entertain during the Circuit Breaker, our team has work hard to ensure the project is completed before the lockdown.

The team completed the phenomenon undertaking in 2 weeks which usually takes 4 months for a single dorm.

In 14 days, we have constructed wifi for 800+ rooms for 2 dormitories in mid of covid-19 outbreak. Now we are maintaining the systems for 4 major dormitories. Serving up to 20,000 workers.

The whole project was tough to say the least. Gears begin with surgical masks and gloves, to N95, goggles and face shields, finally PPE full gear.

While construction was going on, individual rooms started getting quarantined, then levels, buildings followed by the whole dorm becoming isolation premise. The teams were rushing day and night, SHNs were served to our construction workers over the period due to their places of stay, and the 2 teams were swapping in and out 2-10 players each day like an American football match just to press on .

We were glad the government agencies especially IMDA was most helpful and encouraging throughout the whole project. Always checking on our health first over deadline.